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Europe leading in the production of specialty papers, Asia on track to closely follow

24 October 2011

London, 24 October 2011: Europe is currently the leading region producing specialty papers at 47% of world share, whilst Asia is second largest at 25% and growing

Rod Fisher, President of Fisher International, a leading paper industry consulting firm and operator of FisherSolve™, the industry's premier analytical tool, provides the following overview of the specialty papers market: "While only 3% of total global paper volume, nearly 13% of the world's mills make Specialty papers. Europe is the leading region producing specialty papers at 47% of world share, Asia is second largest at 25% and growing, according to FisherSolve™." A more in-depth overview of global specialties and insight into finding new business in specialties will be presented by Rod Fisher at Specialty Papers Europe.

The 3rd Specialty Papers conference organised by Pira International in association with TAPPI is due to take place on 29 November - 1 December 2011 at the Dolce Bad Nauheim Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany, and is the only conference in Europe focusing solely on the specialty papers sector.

In recent years, the global economic downturn has been the most significant concern within the industry, and price rises in fibrous raw materials, chemicals and energy continued to impact specialty paper manufacturers by constricting margins. A thorough up-to-date overview of the markets, both globally and by region, will be covered at Specialty Papers Europe, including emerging trends.

Dr Graham Moore, Strategic Consultant, Pira International, who will also be providing insight into the continually evolving European specialty paper market at the conference, expressed the following in anticipation of the event:

"Specialty papers by their very nature are a diverse group of products manufactured by a wide range of companies. Personnel working in these companies often have little opportunity to meet and exchange ideas. The Pira/TAPPI Specialty Paper conference has successfully provided a focus for the disparate group of global manufacturers, suppliers and others involved in the supply chain to meet and network. This year's European event continues to successfully develop this aim."

For more information visit or to enquire about the availability of a press pass contact Daniel Trillo, Pira International, +44 (0)1372 802101.