2017 Programme

Tuesday 4 April

Tuesday 4 April

  1. Registration and Welcome Refreshments

  2. TAPPI Update

    Kelly L. Helein | Vice President, Industrial of Coveris Americas

  3. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

    Kelly L. Helein, Vice President-Sales, Coveris NA Performance Packaging, USA

Session 1 - Market overview and trends

  1. Repurposing machines for specialty, capacity developments, growth grades within specialty papers

    Marko Summanen | Vice President Business Development Europe of Fisher International, Inc., Finland

  2. Packaging sustainability and a role of fibre-based packaging in it

    Alexey Vishtal | Packaging Specialist Paper & Board of Nestlé, Switzerland

    • Insights from Nestlé Policy on Environmental Sustainability
    • Packaging optimisation and performance
    • What is sustainable? LCA approach
    • Pros and cons using fibre-based materials for food packaging

Session 2 - Innovation in Packaging

  1. How paper can deliver added value to consumer packaging

    Jan Duffhues | Print Development Manager of Mars Europe, The Netherland

  2. Networking Refreshments Break

  3. Flexible oil and grease resistant packaging paper: You ain't seen nothing yet!

    John Tucker | Sales Director of Zanders GmbH, Germany

    • Zanders‘ journey to a customer- and market-oriented company
    • Fast changing and emerging markets as a chance, not a threat
    • New flexible packaging papers, new technologies, new clients
  4. Increased printability demands of paper packaging while keeping high strength

    Petr Jindra, Head of Technical Sales Services Speciality Kraft Paper, Mondi, Czech Republic

Session 3 - Barrier developments

Chair: Martti Toivakka, Professor, Laboratory of Paper Coating and Converting, Åbo Akademi University, Finland

  1. Use of chromatogeny for the development of barrier and water repellents sacks and bags

    Dr. Philippe Martinez | Project Manager of Centre Technique du Papier (CTP), France

    • Insights in a new technology, “chromatogeny” to turn papers strongly hydrophobic while keeping them recyclable and biodegradable
    • Latest achievements in the development of chromatogeny at industrial scale
    • Barrier performances gained with chromatogeny on uncoated and coated grades
    • Development of upgraded sacks and bags
  2. Networking Lunch

  3. Paper-based high barrier stand-up pouches

    Jari Vartiainen | Senior Scientist of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Finland

    • Stand-up pouches, the fastest growing packaging concept
    • Paper-based structures for flexible packaging industry
    • 100% bio-based pouches with high barrier properties
  4. Fluorine or no fluorine – a comparative analysis of barrier chemicals for grease proof paper

    Dr. Fikri E. Alemdaroglu, Business Manager, Daikin Chemical Europe GmbH, Germany

    • Development of grease proof paper market
    • The performance and cost of fluorinated and non-fluorinated chemicals in grease proof paper. 
    • The influence of regulatory environment on the choice of barrier chemical 

Session 4 - Coatings

Chair: Alexey Vishtal, Packaging Specialist Paper & Board, Nestlé, Switzerland

  1. Convertibility of packaging materials coated with the new generation water based barrier coatings (WBBC)

    Päivi Miettinen | Application Director of CH-Polymers Oy, Finland

    • WWBC dispersion compete with the traditional barrier-materials such as PE, Waxes and Fluorochemicals and the barrier testing methods are also developed for them
    • Some standard testing methods such as creasing and blocking tests can be used to evaluate the WBBC`s barrier properties
    • No standard method for heat sealability does not exist; that is a clear development item
    • Based on the commercial scale cup making and box making tests, WBBC materials can be used for packaging materials, but blocking can be an issue
  2. Networking Refreshments Break

  3. Functional pre-coats for multilayer board and barrier applications

    Tony Hiorns | Senior Scientist of Imerys Minerals Ltd., UK

    • How kaolin addition to the precoat can improve coverage and evenness
    • We explore the impact of precoat design on the finished properties in a standard boxboard application
    • We explore the impact of precoat design in relation to the holdout and performance of water based barrier coatings
  4. Roll-to-roll processed cellulose nanofiber coatings

    Martti Toivakka | Professor, Laboratory of Paper Coating and Converting of Åbo Akademi University, Finland

    • High-shear rate rheology of nanocellulosic materials can be measured with slot geometry
    • Low process viscosity of nanocellulosic materials at high deformation rates enables continuous roll-to-roll coating into uniform coating layers
    • Substrate properties play an important role in drying and final coating adhesion
    • Nanocellulose coatings have potential as grease, oil, and gas barriers
  5. Chair’s Conference Summary and Closing Remarks

    Chair: Alexey Vishtal, Packaging Specialist Paper & Board, Nestlé, Switzerland

Networking Drinks Reception

  1. Networking Drinks Reception

    Networking Drinks Reception from 17.35 - 19.00

Wednesday 5 April

Wednesday 5 April

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Session 4 - Coatings (to be continued)

Chair: Alexey Vishtal, Packaging Specialist Paper & Board, Nestlé, Switzerland

  1. Coating and printing processes and product applications for the paper industry

    Andrea Glawe | Regional Sales Director of Kroenert GmbH & CO. KG, Germany

    • The use of coated and printed paper is increasing
    • Release liner for the impregnation of carbon fibres for the aerospace industry or membrane casting processes
    • are requesting highest material quality
    • Precise coating machines are necessary to cover the high release paper quality
    • NFC Labels, which are able to communication with smart phone, are developed. New functions need to be added by printing processes too
    • Latest machine concepts with respect to increasing customer requirements will be shown

Session 5 - Digital Printing

Chair: Aleksandar Todorović, Industry Technical Consultant, Nalco Water, Finland

  1. Vibrant production inkjet prints with ColorPRO media

    Stephen Goddard, HP PageWide Web Press Consumables & Media Business Manager, and Jan Woelfe, EMEA Strategic Accounts Packaging, HP, EMEA

    Further information to follow...

  2. Adding extra selling points to high speed inkjet paper

    Jan Rops | Product Manager Inkjet of Crown Van Gelder BV, The Netherlands

  3. Networking Refreshments Break

Session 6 - Innovation and new technologies in specialty papers

Chair: Janet Preston, Senior Scientist, Imerys, UK

  1. PaperPlus - New value-added paper products

    Sanne Tiekstra | Program Coordinator End Products, Chair ActInPak of Bumaga BV, The Netherlands

    • Bio-based barriers
    • Active and intelligent fibre-based packaging
    • Surface treatment
    • Inkjet technology as application method
  2. Colour is a key attribute of specialty papers and must be properly managed

    Manfred Binder | Marketing & Sales Director In-Line Farbmessung of X-Rite GmbH, Germany

  3. Inclined wire technology history

    Dr. Klaus Afflerbach | Senior Sales Manager of Voith Paper GmbH & Co. KG

    • How it all started
    • Where are we today?-Overview state of the art
    • What for? - Examples for the usage of this technology
  4. Networking Lunch

  5. Reinventing paper by foam forming

    Tuomas Mustonen | Founder, Managing Director of Paptic Ltd., Finland

    • The minimization of plastic waste is a global challenge and large number of retailers and brand owners are searching for alternatives
    • Traditional papers have increasing demand among brand owners, but still they lack the performance required by many end-uses
    • PAPTIC – the next generation of paper - is a combination of the renewability and recyclability of paper combined with heat sealability and versatility of plastics, enabled by foam forming

Session 7 - Sustainability

Chair: Aleksandar Todorović, Industry Technical Consultant, Nalco Water, Finland

  1. New fiber based products for a sustainable future

    Anna Jonhed | R&D Director of BillerudKorsnäs, Sweden

    • New fiber based product from BillerudKorsnäs
    • Sustainability is key
    • Radical innovation in packaging material
  2. Sustainable polysaccharides for wet end and coating applications

    John Fisher | Business Development Manager of DuPont Industrial BioSciences, Canada

    • Engineered Polysaccharides made from renewably-sourced, highly efficient plant-based feedstock
    • These polysaccharides provide the ability to design desired properties into the final paper product
    • Performance advantages have been seen in paper coatings for improved printability and as a strength additive
  3. Chair’s Conference Summary and Closing Remarks

    Chair: Aleksandar Todorović, Industry Technical Consultant, Nalco Water, Finland

  4. End of Conference

Site Visit

Zanders Paper Mill Tour - Monday 3 April

  1. Registrations

  2. Coach leaves from Hilton hotel, Cologne

  3. Arrival at the Zanders Paper Mill

  4. Welcome by Zanders CEO Dr. Lennart Schley

  5. Presentation by John Tucker, Sales Director at Zanders

    John Tucker | Sales Director of Zanders GmbH, Germany

  6. Tour of the Zanders Paper Mill

    John Tucker | Sales Director of Zanders GmbH, Germany

    During the tour on 3 April, delegates will see the Zanders paper mill including the high quality speciality papers and boards facilities. The accompanying presentation will focus on the continuous change in the international paper industry and how the “old lady” Zanders managed to return to success with new structures, products and services.

  7. Lunch

  8. Coach departs for Hilton hotel, Cologne

  9. Arrival back at the hotel