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Exclusive interview with Steve Rosenberg of Neenah Paper Technical Products

14 September 2011


Steve Rosenberg, Senior Director, Business Development and Innovation at Neenah Paper Technical Products gives his insight into the global specialty papers industry


Q: What differences do you see between the Specialty Papers industry in US compared to Europe?

In many ways they are quite similar - both are comprised of small, mostly independent firms that have in one way or another found a niche market where they can apply their capabilities. I'm no expert on the European specialty paper market, but my perception is that it may be even more fragmented than that in North America.

Q: What are the most important challenges the industry is facing currently?

Growth. This is true across many industries and especially the paper industry in developed economies. Another challenge is regulation. Many if not most of the specialty mills in N.A. and Europe are old and small - a potentially challenging combination relative to having modern infrastructure and scale to support investment in upgrading that infrastructure to meet modern environmental and energy regulations.

Q: You have been involved in the planning of the Specialty Papers conference for the past few years - where do you perceive the evolution of the event has taken place and what are you looking forward to learn this year?

I enjoy being involved with the planning and the interaction it enables with vendors, consultants and subject matter experts. I believe it provides a good opportunity to get a "state of the market" snapshot each year. We're learning as we go in terms of planning and making the event "content rich", which is an ongoing challenge. I think we've gotten better at honing in on current topics and challenges of the industry and recruiting a good "critical mass" of subject experts on featured topics.