2018 Programme

Tuesday 24 April

Market overview and trends

  1. Registration and welcome refreshments

  2. Chairman's opening remarks

    Stewart Johnston | Head of Consultancy for Europe, Middle East and Asia of Smithers Group

  3. TAPPI Update

    Sarah Lunceford | Division Manager of TAPPI, US

  4. Markets in transition: Specialty Papers and the role of industry 4.0 in the paper and packaging industry

    Dr. Veronica Schey | COO of StepChange Consulting

    • Market developments
    • Trends in consumer demand
    • Industry 4.0 assessment in the paper and packaging industry
    • Benefits, challenges and next steps for the industry
  5. Specialty Fibers: market and trends from the perspective of a fiber-based solutions provider

    Martin Hindemark | Vice President Business Development of Ahlstrom-Munksjö

    • Specialty fiber market and specialty paper market and the different segments
    • Industry trends
    • Perspective of specialty paper customers
  6. Pulps tailor-made for the specialty papermaker

    Johannes Bogren | Technical Product Manager Director of Södra

    • The importance of sustainable sources of raw materials
    • Progress of Södra Cell Värö
    • Dealing with the demands of speciality papermakers
    • Understanding the pulp market in order to use the right pulps in the right way
  7. Networking refreshment break


  1. Safety and compliance assessment of packaging made of paper and board

    Lionel Spack, Ph.D | Manager for Packaging Chemical Safety of Nestlé

    • Global approach for safety and compliance of packaging
    • Assessment of intended added substances
    • Risk management
    • GMP failure detection by chemical screening
  2. Developments in use of MFC in packaging specialties

    Per Svending | VP Marketing of FiberLean

    • MFC-mineral composites in outer plies for improved coverage/opacity allowing basis weight reduction
    • MFC in Folding Boxboard mid plies for strength to allow use of coarser fiber mix to improve bulk and stiffness
    • MFC-mineral composites applied as a wet-end coating. Update on ongoing development programme
    • Opportunities for specialty coatings on top of wet-end coated substrates
  3. Paper for health and care

    Prof. Dr. Pedro Fardim, University of Leuven, Belgium and Åbo Akademi University, Finland

    • Growing aging population demands new functional products
    • Trees are smart materials and can inspire a new generation of functional products
    • Topochemical Engineering as new functional platform for paper, packaging and tissue
    • New functionalisation platforms are suitable for current process technology
  4. Performance of engineered polysaccharides in paper applications

    William E. Ripmeester | Research Scientist of DuPont

    • Renewably sourced material from highly efficient feedstocks
    • Final material has engineered properties which are tunable
    • Demonstrated improvements in a range of pulp types
  5. Networking lunch

New barrier developments and coatings

  1. Paper to be announced

    Speaker to be confirmed

  2. Barrier coatings based on polyvinyl alcohol technology and its risk assessment to use in food contact applications

    Ken Kumaki | Head of Research & Technical Service, POVAL Resin of Kuraray Europe GmbH

    • Versatile use of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) in specialty papers
    • Excellent barrier against oil & grease, gas, aroma and MOSH/MOAH
    • Risk Assessment to use PVOH in food contact applications
    • Bio-degradation study
  3. Networking refreshment break

  4. Development of barrier properties on papers on the basis of biopolymeric coatings

    Dr. Klaus Noller | Material Development of Fraunhofer Institut

    • Requirements of food products
    • Barrier basics and special demands of papers
    • Consequences for the development of barrier papers
    • Special feature recycling and bio-based coatings
  5. Optimisation of application with water based barrier coatings

    Tom Larsson | Senior Sales Manager of UMV Coating Systems

    • Can optimisation with water based barrier coatings, enable new products?
    • How the properties can be affected by the metering, way of application and base paper properties
    • Comparison between one- and two barrier layers
    • Results and conclusion from trials
  6. Chairman’s conference summary and closing remarks

    Stewart Johnston | Head of Consultancy for Europe, Middle East and Asia of Smithers Group

  7. Networking drinks reception

Wednesday 25 April

Innovation in printing and coating

  1. Delegate sign-in and welcome refreshments

  2. Chairman's opening remarks

    Kelly L. Helein | Vice President, Industrial of Coveris Americas

  3. High-performance instantaneous drying for coatings in paper finishing lines

    Dr. Kai K. O. Bär | Managing Director/President of adphos Digital Printing GmbH

    • High performance drying/curing of inks/coatings
    • Introduction of different drying technologies
    • Quantify performance data for realistic cases
  4. A new mechanism for enhancing adhesion of electroreprographic printing with liquid toner

    Dr Daniel F. Vernell | Research Fellow of Solenis

    • Need for image adhesion with liquid toner
    • Historical paper treatments & mechanisms
    • New treatment based on thermodynamics of adhesion
    • Extraordinary results and efficiency

New technologies

  1. Evolution of paper machine approach flow in the last decade

    Topi Helle | Global Product Manager, Deaeration and Cleaning of Andritz Oy, Pulping and Fiber Division

    • Recent developments with the paper machine approach flow (PMA) and their impact on production, quality and environmental carbon foot print
    • Advanced Short Flow PMA as a solution to paper machine approach flow and its impact on performance
    • The business benefits of the latest technology to the paper mill
  2. Novel technologies for broadening the application fields of recycling paper

    Marion Sterner | R&D Director of Gruppo X di X Gruppo srl

    • Customising elongation behaviour from high stretch for 3D deformed packaging to the simulation of virgin fiber or sack kraft
    • Novel longitudinal corrugate
  3. Networking refreshment break

  4. Foam coating technology for applying thin functional layers

    Ulla Forsström | Principal Scientist of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

    • Basic principles of the foam coating technology
    • Benefits of the coating technology
    • Thin functional layers - examples demonstrated at VTT
    • Pilot facilities for foam coating trials
  5. Recent technological development for production of machine-glazed grades

    Timo Valkama | Senior Technology Manager of Valmet

    • The evolution of machine-glazed papers
    • What are the key properties of modern machine-glazed grades?
    • Highlights of the latest technologies for producing machine glazed grades
  6. Everything you ever wanted to know about on-machine siliconizing but were afraid to ask

    Jérôme Salvert | Technology Expert of Elkem Silicones

    • The uses of silicones release liners as a release agent 
    • The recent increase in release papers that are coated “on-machine”
    • What are the opportunities but also risks of coating silicone release papers directly on the paper machine?
    • How to add value to paper by siliconizing on-machine ?
    • The major pitfalls, hurdles and the keys to success
  7. Advanced headbox technology for next level décor paper

    Rienhard Leigraf, Product manager Process Technology Paper Machines for Specialty Paper, Voith; Michael Schirle, Managing Director and Plant Manager, Ahlstrom-Munkjö Paper

    • Best quality of décor paper
    • New headbox design
    • Highly filled specialty paper
  8. Networking lunch

New material and packaging sustainability

  1. Moulded pulp – an old but a next generation technology

    Dipl- Ing. Wilhelm Siller-Goerner, MBA | CEO of Goerner Formpack GmbH

    • What is moulded pulp? (more than egg tray)
    • Moulded pulp technology: process, types of machines, raw materials, tooling, additives
    • What can moulded pulp be used for?
    • Advantages of moulded pulp
  2. Recyclability of barrier coated packaging papers

    Dr. Ing. Tiemo Arndt, Head of Division Fibres & Composites, Papiertechnische Stiftung, Germany | Head of Division Fibres & Composites of Papiertechnische Stiftung

    • Introduction into different methods to evaluate recyclability of paper and board
    • Composition of barrier layers and their influence on recyclability
  3. Unbleached premium softwood kraft pulp applications in specialty paper

    Bill Adams, Senior Director, Sustainability, Technical Services & Innovation, Canfor Pulp

    • An understanding of the specialty paper segment that unbleached pulp serves
    • The enhanced properties of unbleached kraft pulp versus bleached that enable specialty paper makers to improve product quality
    • Specialty paper product enhancements provided by unbleached kraft pulp
    • Benchmarking of unbleached kraft pulps


  4. Packaging: the huge differences in carbon footprint

    Mark Geerts | CEO of PaperFoam bv

    • The carbon footprint of different packaging materials used for egg cartons
    • The importance of considering the carbon emission environment when making packaging choices
    • The pros and cons of carbon taxing
  5. Chairman’s conference summary and closing remarks

    Kelly L. Helein | Vice President, Industrial of Coveris Americas