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Exclusive interview with Chiara Medioli, Marketing Director of Fedrigoni SpA

Specialty Papers Europe will explore innovations in paper packaging. We recently spoke with Chiara Medioli, Marketing Director of Fedrigoni SpA to gain insights in to the paper packaging sector of the market.

SMITHERS PIRA:  It’s been said that Luxury Packaging is entering the “golden era” of product development. What do you think is adding to the current growth?

Chiara Medioli:  I think end clients worldwide are much more aware of what constitutes an all-round experience on purchasing something nice: take eyewear for instance. A pair of branded sunglasses needs to convey value from the product itself, to the plastic or fabric pouch which constitutes its primary pack, to the little cleaning cloth, to the cardboard box around them, then the shopping bag or POS pack it travels into, to get to the end clients home. And all this needs to deliver the felling of that particular brand which is usually also expressed in clothes/accessories etc. A complex task, and then with geographical consistency across the globe.  Packaging -especially paper packaging, at the POS, has the unique chance to provide an easy unifying code, visually (colour) and tact wise.

SMITHERS PIRA: What do you think are some of the industry’s growing trends with luxury packaging?

Chiara Medioli: We see a lot of shiny surfaces coming back in full swing.

SMITHERS PIRA: What are some of the biggest challenges facing the packaging, and specialty papers, market, right now?

Chiara Medioli: Provide materials that are beautiful to look at and use is always challenge number one, coupled with good technical performance, which is key. New approaches for intelligent surfaces (paper with digital technology) are a super interesting field to explore. In the meantime, colour consistency across batches supplied, and across geographies remain a very important thing to deliver. Somehow I also think that packaging could be designed so that it is reusable for something else.  A secondary pack box for eyewear for instance could be considered superfluous (if primary case is rigid, for instance), but if it reinforces a brands message AND it can be used to hold business cards or earrings later on, well that's something that stays in the eye of the client for a long time.

SMITHERS PIRA: What are you looking forward to the most at Specialty Papers EU 2016?

Chiara Medioli: I'm looking forward to learning  from other colleagues in the field.

Chiara will present on Paper-based Packaging in B2C Markets at Specialty Paper Europe.