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Event start times Day one: 12:00pm BST/ 1:00pm CET/ 7:00am EST

 Workshop start time 1:00pm BST/ 1:00pm CET/ 8:00am EST

Nanocellulose workshop
The workshop will focus on this rapidly growing and significant area of technical and commercial development.
Dr. George Kellie | Director, Kellie Solutions Ltd.
The Nanocellulose Market Landscape: paper board and nonwovens
Functionalities of micro and nano fibrillated cellulose in paper and paperboard
  • Filler increase in graphic papers
  • Top layer dematerialisation in white top liner and folding boxboard
  • Barrier coatings
  • Wet end coating

Jon Phipps | Principal Scientist, Fiberlean
Roundtable Review
End of workshop
Chair's opening remarks
Session 1: Global market trends and legislation in specialty paper
Recent capacity trends and developments in specialty papers
Environmental regulation and compliance for specialty papers in Asia
Session 2: Sustainable solutions, recyclability and circularity
Sustainability, threat or opportunity for paper makers? Linerless labelling, a successful opportunity
Beyond their use - the after-life of paper products
Fibre based food contact materials: challenges and research for food safety and sustainability
Dipl.-Ing. Lydia Tempel Head of Department, Raw materials and Recycling, Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS), Germany 
Dr. Antje Harling | Division Manager Materials Testing and Analytics, Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)
Sustainability assessment of mineral pigments used in specialty paper and board applications
Emmanuelle Henry Lanier, Product Sustainability Director, Imerys SA, France 
Janet Preston | Senior Scientist, IMERYS Minerals Ltd.
Chair's summary and close of day one
Chair's opening remarks
Session 3: Barrier developments and barrier coating innovation
Pioneering waterborne materials of bio-based origin that provide functionality to surfaces
Non-blocking water based barrier coating (WBBC) for heat sealing
Advances in acrylic latex coatings for oil and grease resistant barrier applications
Sustainability of the CMC value chain - from raw materials to barrier applications
SHERPACK project: for renewable, biodegradable and recyclable flexible paper-based packaging material
Metallisation of paper-physical vapor deposition - gas barrier - hygroexpansion - substrate roughness - adhesion
Session 4: New innovations
Stand-alone units offline: a paper machine with innovative technology for the generation of tailor made stretch properties in all papers and paper based composites with aluminium foil
Unlocking the stretch potential of paper
New raw materials from circular economy in the paper production: textile and leather fibres for special papers
Chair's summary and end of event

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