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Speaker Interview with Sándor Kettinger

60 seconds with the CE Buying Manager Stationery – General Merchandise at Tesco

You will deliver a presentation focusing on “Closing the loop with Retailers on Packaging Waste - A case study of Circularity with Tesco” Please could you please give us a quick overview of what you will be sharing with our audience?

My presentation will be about Tesco’s commitment and action and how we closed the loop for a product. We have managed to recover our wastepaper and make a paper shopping bag from that.

Why is sustainability so important to this industry and its future?

Because this is how the future is granted for the next generation. This is the decade of action and we need to progress in all fields with all possibilities to keep our precious globe alive. It would be great if in every channel there would be people who stand up and make a change. We are giving new life to the material.

Why do you think people should attend Specialty Papers Europe 2021?

To learn, to share knowledge and to understand possibilities which are going to be introduced there and also take notes, knowledge and know-hows which they can implement in their processes, ways of working.