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Kuraray Representative Shares Presentation Insights!

What are some of the biggest challenges that the specialty papers industry is currently facing? Opportunities?

"One of the biggest challenge would be so far there’s no material which can give all of the performances to paper to replace plastics by itself. So, we need to put multi-functional layers onto paper to replace plastic by using various materials and coating ways which are not so easy to select and handle. Although, there must be a big opportunity to contribute to solve those issues from a variety of materials and machineries’ aspects."

Your presentation will discuss the use of hydrophobically modified polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) to improve key properties of barrier paper. What are some of the key take-aways?

"The key take-aways from my presentation will be “Special feature of the hydrophobically modified PVOH” and “How to prepare the proper multi-layer structure to achieve good oxygen and vapor barrier performance.”

What are you most looking forward to hearing about at this year’s conference?

"To overcome the challenge of sustainable package application from specialty paper industry we must collaborate. So, I am looking forward very much to having a connection with each materials/equipment/additives and papers specialists for this industry."