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The 2022 agenda has been announced!

Meet the speakers from Starbucks, Mars, Nestle, American Forest & Paper Association, Pixelle, Foodservice Packaging Institute, Sustainable Fiber Technologies, Solenis, LLC, Eastman, Domtar, FiberLean Technologies, Kuraray Co., Ltd., Novolex, and more!

Dean Benjamin - Pixelle

Dean Benjamin

Director of New Product Development at Pixelle
Jeff Keithline - Keller and Heckman LLP

Jeff Keithline

Partner at Keller and Heckman LLP
Steve Ottone - Omya Inc.

Steve Ottone

Technical Service Manager at Omya Inc.
Bill Rojack - Midland

Bill Rojack

VP at Midland
Lori Gobris - Michelman

Lori Gobris

Global Marketing Manager, Printing & Packaging at Michelman
Michael Schatzschneider - Creapaper

Michael Schatzschneider

CFO at Creapaper
Puneet Dwivedi - Eco-Intelligence

Puneet Dwivedi

Chief Executive Officer at Eco-Intelligence
Tom Larson - FiberLean Technologies Ltd

Tom Larson

Head of Business Development, Paper & Board at FiberLean Technologies Ltd
Terry Webber - American Forest & Paper Association

Terry Webber

Vice President, Industry Affairs at American Forest & Paper Association
Michael Gorges - Zume

Michael Gorges

Director Enterprise Solutions at Zume
Paige Goff - Domtar

Paige Goff

Vice President of Sustainability and Communications at Domtar
Carol Patterson - Foodservice Packaging Institute

Carol Patterson

Vice President, Government Relations at Foodservice Packaging Institute
Dr. Jonathan Levine - Folia Materials

Dr. Jonathan Levine

Co-Founder and CEO at Folia Materials
Brent Ostrowski - Managed Packaging by BillerudKorsnas

Brent Ostrowski

Global Director of the Packaging Design Center (PDC) at Managed Packaging by BillerudKorsnas
Abhijit Bhattacharya - Nestle

Abhijit Bhattacharya

Senior Paper Packaging Specialist at Nestle
Scott Hyland - Ingredion

Scott Hyland

Applications Development Manager at Ingredion
Bob Hu - Eastman

Bob Hu

Senior Application Research Scientist at Eastman
Graham Moore - Smithers

Graham Moore

Strategic Consultant at Smithers
Ron Horner - Novolex

Ron Horner

Chief Procurement Officer, Corporate Purchasing at Novolex
Romain Metivet - Cellulotech

Romain Metivet

Founder & CEO at Cellulotech
Kyle Walker - Starbucks Coffee Company

Kyle Walker

Sr. Packaging Engineer at Starbucks Coffee Company
Chiara Pandhi - Mars

Chiara Pandhi

Leader, Global Trade & Government Affairs Americas at Mars
Marc F Foulger - Valmet

Marc F Foulger

Technology Manager, Microfibrillated Cellulose at Valmet
Scott McNutt - Nextep Partners LLC

Scott McNutt

Consultant at Nextep Partners LLC
Tom Carne - Kemira

Tom Carne

Manager, Business Development, Barriers at Kemira
Emily Parsons - Solenis

Emily Parsons

Product Launch Engineer in Barriers & Molded Fiber at Solenis
Diana Lloyd-Jones - Compost Manufacturing Alliance

Diana Lloyd-Jones

Account Manager at Compost Manufacturing Alliance
Anna Papagrigoraki - Cepi The Confederation of European Paper Industries

Anna Papagrigoraki

Sustainability Director at Cepi The Confederation of European Paper Industries
Henry Ines - Chainparency

Henry Ines

CEO and Founder at Chainparency
Yuta Taoka - Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Yuta Taoka

Manager, Poval R&D Department at Kuraray Co., Ltd.
Marguerite Butler - Domtar

Marguerite Butler

Manager of Sustainability at Domtar
Lon Pschigoda - WMU Paper Pilots Plants

Lon Pschigoda

General Manager at WMU Paper Pilots Plants
David Magda - Pixelle

David Magda

Director, Product Innovation at Pixelle
Larry Hutchinson - Solenis

Larry Hutchinson

Global Market Development Manager – Food Packaging at Solenis
Kenneth Lin - International Paper

Kenneth Lin

Senior Regional Manager, Government Relations at International Paper
Teal Edelen - US Endowment Fund

Teal Edelen

Program Officer at US Endowment Fund
Mark Lewis - Sustainable Fiber Technologies

Mark Lewis

President/CEO at Sustainable Fiber Technologies
Rachel Lincoln - PrAna

Rachel Lincoln

Director of Sustainability at PrAna
Leticia Kawanami - Suzano

Leticia Kawanami

Global Sustainability Manager at Suzano
Alex Thomas - Compost Manufacturing Alliance

Alex Thomas

Special Projects Lead and University of Wisconsin (Stevens Point) Fellow at Compost Manufacturing Alliance