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Foam Coating Applications

While foam coating has been used for many years in the textile space, it hasn't been until the last 5-10 years that it has been applied to nonwovens. Smithers Pira recent spoke Dr. Ulla Forsstrom, Principal Scientist at VTT to gain insights on the application ahead of her April presentation. 

Smithers Pira: Is the process for Foam Coating now fully commercialized? If not, when?

Dr. Ulla Forsstrom: Foam coating process has been used in textile industry for over 30 years to apply thin layers of chemicals. These machines are narrow and operate at low speeds. During the last five- ten years it has also been used for nonwovens at higher speed and machines used are already wider.

Smithers Pira:Can Foam Coating be applied to any papermaking operation? 

Dr. Ulla Forsstrom:Foam coating can be applied as non-contact method hydrophilic substrates. With non-absorbing hydrophobic substrates foam will be killed with a pressure pulse e.g with a smoothening nip after noncontact application. Currently we work on to up-scale the technology further to be used in paper and board manufacturing.

Smithers Pira: What are its capabilities in terms of the types of coating that can be applied? 

Dr. Ulla Forsstrom: Foam coating is ideal for low application amounts of chemicals, polymers and nano-scaled inorganic or organic materials.

Smithers Pira: What are you most looking forward to hearing at Specialty Papers EU 2016?

Dr. Ulla Forsstrom: I'm looking forward to the Market Situation of Speciality Papers and the Novel Possibilities for Sustainable and Biodegradable Barrier Coatings sessions.