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Interview with Kai Poehler from Voith

Speaking at this year's Specialty Papers Europe conference in April, Kai Poehler from Voith tells us what he's most looking forward to hearing about at the event.

Smithers Pira: Why do you think it is important to attend the Specialty Papers EU conference?

Kai Poehler: The Specialty Paper EU is the must-attend event for everybody in this special industry. It offers opportunities to learn about the newest trends and developments and there is no comparable event dedicated to specialty paper - I am always inspirit after this conference. In addition to all the information, access to networking opportunities are highly valuable. This is the place where the Specialty Paper family meet and you have the chance to be a part of it.

Also, as it's located in the heart of Europe, it is really cost and time effective for people from Europe.

Smithers Pira: What are you most looking forward to hearing at the Specialty Papers EU conference in Cologne?

Kai Poehler: Foam forming is a topic that's been around for years. I am looking forward to receiving an update about the status quo and the path forward. Sustainability is already an important topic in our society, especially as the end use of our products will become more and more important to the end-user.  The importance of biodegradability will increase in the future and this is a key advantage for the (specialty) paper industry. At least 2 presentations will cover this and I am already excited to hear the latest news.

Smithers Pira: Can you provide a brief summary of how your presentation illustrates thinking outside of the box?

Kai Poehler: The inclined wire technology is the bridging technology between paper and nonwovens. The capability to use almost every fibre, which can be dispersed in water, up to a fibre length of far behind 20mm open up the possibility for a bunch of new products fit for the future. Today we are looking extensively into possible paper products. We, as an industry, should think more out of the box into what others products could be made with our technologies. For this our presentation can be inspiring as borders will blur.