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Exclusive Interview with Daniel Varnell of Solenis

Smithers Pira: Can you tell us about growth potential for specialty papers in the digital printing sector? Is this a market that you believe will continue to see an increase?  

Dr. Daniel Varnell: Digital printing, as predicted, will continue to grow.  There seems to be room for various technologies including standard electroreprographic, liquid toner electroreprographic, and ink-jet printing.

Smithers Pira: What is the biggest challenge in Adhesion of liquid toner images, and what are some advancements that you will be discussing in your presentation?   

Dr. Daniel Varnell: From its beginning liquid toner electroreprographic printing has had issues with adhesion of the final images to paper. Various paper treatments have been used, but each had and has issues. A different and more efficient thermodynamically based mechanism of adhesion has been introduced and successfully implemented. The efficiency of the new approach has recently been further improved. Paper properties are also important to the final image adhesion as is the level and type of starch applied with at the size press of an uncoated paper.

Smithers Pira: Why do you think it is important to have a discussion on this topic at SPUS and what can attendees hope to gain from your presentation?  

Dr. Daniel Varnell: Obtaining qualification of paper for liquid toner electroreprographic presses is now significantly easier because the new technology is much more versatile and forgiving of different papers and paper machine conditions. A mill may become qualified with paper from a couple hour paper machine trial.  Understanding mechanisms of adhesion and factors that effect adhesion can be important for a variety of applications.

Smithers Pira: What are you most looking forward to hearing about at Specialty Papers US 2018?  

Dr. Daniel Varnell: For a researcher like myself, hearing of the latest customer needs and technology advances will stir up new ideas. There are future products to develop new applications of existing products to discover.  There are colleagues to talk with and great people to get to know.

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