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Q&A with Johannes Bogren from Södra

Ahead of his presentation at this year's Specialty Papers Europe in April, Johannes Bogren from Södra provides his views on the key issues in the specialty paper sector and tells us what he's looking forward to hearing at the conference.

Smithers Pira: What are the main challenges that the specialty papers industry is facing and how do you think this conference can address them?

Johannes Bogren: In the future the specialty paper producers will face more and more competition from companies leaving the printing and writing paper segment for the more attractive specialty paper area. To be successful long term one needs to be cost competitive or have attractive unique products. Both topics will be covered by this conference.

Smithers Pira: What are you most looking forward to hearing at the Specialty Papers EU conference in Cologne?

Johannes Bogren: I look forward to many of the presentations, the width of topics is impressive and I enjoy to learn little about many things, all in two effective days.

Smithers Pira: Can you provide a brief summary of what your presentation will cover and why it’s important for delegates interested in specialty papers  to attend?

Johannes Bogren: Södra is a world-leading producer of market pulp. But our commitment does not stop there. Whether you manufacture coffee or car filters, newsprint, toilet paper or textiles - the end result is always important for us. The quality of our products is reflected in our customer’s end-products. That´s why we work hard to live up to the demands of our customers and their customers demand.

Since 2014 we have invested 1 billion Euro in our pulp mills to improve both capacity and quality and the investments starts to pay off. We will share the progress of our Södra Cell Värö mill which has increased the capacity to 700 000 tonnes annually.

The specialty papermaker is a challenge for every pulp maker since all producers have their own product and special demands on the pulp. To meet these demands, we have the most extensive product portfolio in the business, offering soft- and hardwood paper pulp as well as dissolving pulp, in total more than 50 variants.

Smithers Pira: What are some of the current trends that will be featured at the conference?

Johannes Bogren: Sustainable sourcing of raw material is here to stay. We need to use the resources of the world with ease and have a long term perspective. I’m sure that many of the speakers will address this topic.

Smithers Pira: What are some of the big innovations going on in Europe that you are excited about?

Johannes Bogren: I’m getting more and more excited about digitalisation. A lot has already happened, but it seems like there is a new wave coming and how will this again affect our business?