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Speaker interview with Colin Kerr

Ahead of Specialty Papers Europe 2024, we spoke to Colin Kerr, Global Head Packaging Strategic Projects, Unilever

You will be giving a keynote presentation at the Specialty Papers conference in Vienna this year. You will be speaking about paper requirements for FMCG applications, can you give us a few more details about your talk?

At the Specialty Papers conference, I will be sharing further detail on how we envision developing the future of paper-based packaging, answering the consumer preferences, supply chain needs and sustainability criteria.

What are the key challenges and requirements for paper-based materials to gain a greater share of the future flexibles market?

At Unilever, we have a broad portfolio of consumer goods products ranging from shampoo to food and laundry detergent to skin care. This means that we have an equally broad range of requirements to the packaging materials protecting these products. For any product in paper-based packaging, the first priority is to optimise barrier properties without negatively impacting the recyclability of the material. Additionally, we need to ensure that all paper-based materials are sourced in line with our standards and are suitable for handling in our supply chain.

What are you most looking forward to when you attend the Specialty Papers Europe conference?

Our packaging R&D Centre works in close collaboration with a network of partners, and we are always on the lookout of the latest technologies, best ideas and brightest innovations. In this context, I am very much looking forward to meeting old and new contacts to share more about our specific packaging needs and hear the latest industry insight and discoveries.