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White Paper - Paper bottles: Pulp fiction or a liquid packaging revolution?

The current market for fibre-based bottles has huge growth potential, with the market being led by European brand owners in the development of sustainable packaging solutions that can help reduce plastic waste and environmental impact. 

Paper bottles are suitable for several end-use applications, with the drinks and personal care/cosmetics industries being the main targets. Previously, moulded fibre/pulp packaging type products have occupied lower value end use markets, such as egg cartons. However, there appears to be a shift in public perception. Many high-profile brands, especially in the cosmetics industry, are trailing moulded fibre packaging for their cosmetics products.


So what does the future hold for the paper bottle? Smithers has put together an expert white paper which provides comprehensive insight into market dynamics, including:

  • Market opportunities
  • Case studies
  • Sustainability: Assessing the elements of the paper bottle lifecycle
  • Pros and cons of paper vs glass and PET
  • Technical analysis
  • Challenges

Download your free copy now below:

Download Paper Bottles White Paper